Bringing Adventure to the Air!

What's more fun than swinging? Swinging with a friend on the AirVenture™ Glider! Swinging is a (mostly) universal experience and we couldn't imagine how it could be better. Then...we came to AirVenture. AirVenture is a specially-designed glider that encourages cooperative play and socialization while developing balance, core strength and coordination. Swinging is a social activity that helps children learn to work together toward a common goal and develop a relationship between those children that transcends the playspace. The AirVenture can be combined with the Volito® Multi-User Swing in a Multi-Bay design, so children of all abilities can swing together in the same space. Why is this important? When children of all abilities play together in the same space it builds empathy and understanding and reduces stigmas that are sometimes present in classrooms. So, to wrap up, swinging is healthy activity that brings all children together AND, AND, it's so much fun that kids won't even know that they are developing so many skills! Is there a reason that anyone wouldn't want this on your playground?