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About Us

Lee Recreation, LLC is a Family-Owned Company. We have been supplying outdoor recreation equipment for over 20 years! We have established an excellent reputation in Wisconsin as a premier playground consultant when seeking to invest in new playground equipment.

Lee Recreation, LLC is owned by Vern and Lana Lee who reside in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Vern has been involved in the playground industry for over 25 years – Lana joined Vern 20 years ago when they established Lee Recreation, LLC. Ryan Lee has been involved with installing equipment over the past 15 years and is now working in sales, customer service and design. Megan Lee joined the firm in June 2011, working in sales.

Lee Recreation, LLC is the exclusive distributor of BCI Burke in the State of Wisconsin. In addition to playground equipment we also distribute other related products: ELEVATE® Fitness Course, USA Shade Structures, MyTCoat Site Furnishings, recreation products by Bison, Inc., Percussion Play outdoor music instruments and many types of resilient surfacing options.

Our experienced staff is committed to creating exceptional fun, value design and working on our customers’ timetables! We are equipped to make planning or purchasing your project smooth and fun! We represent wonderful manufacturers who make safe, high quality and durable products.

Service is what sets us apart from others in the industry. We are happy to do site visits and analysis to fully understand your proposed project. We will do multiple project drawings to create the design that best meets your needs. Once manufacturing is complete the equipment is shipped to your site via our private truck line. Once the project is installed we will meet to discuss future playground maintenance and to walk through the playground to assure customer satisfaction.