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Biba is a free-to-play suite of mobile games for Apple and Android devices that encourages families to engage together in active, outdoor play. Biba turns the kids into the avatar and allows for active imaginative play throughout the playground setting using the equipment that is present! Special Biba gameplay markers transform ordinary play structures into “smart” playgrounds. As families play on a Biba smart playground, detailed data and insights are captured. That data is then transformed into reports and insights that can help playground owners and operators make better choices and smarter funding decisions. Download the App today and let the games begin!

Branch Out

Inspired by nature. Designed for maximum play value! Branch Out offers the appealing scale and features of nature play in an efficient, open layout that creates endless new possibilities for post and platform playgrounds. So how—and how far—you Branch Out is up to you!


Traverse new worlds and experience infinite possibilities. infiNET is a hybrid “netform” made up of net rings and portals that enable kids to play up, over, under, and through, and allow many children to play together in one space. infiNET’s design offers a continuum of challenge, enabling kids to choose their own adventure and push personal limits a little bit at a time.


The Concerto line of outdoor musical equipment allows children of all abilities to experience the joy and benefits of making music. It lets all kids play in perfect harmony! Designed at a more accessible angle and height, these instruments can be played comfortably by all kids, including those with mobility devices. The Concerto line includes the Concerto Vibes, Cabasas, Chimes, and Congas!

Unity Connect
Unity Connect

It’s time to meet and move! Here. Now. Together. This towering, modern play system invites older kids back to the playground to engage in more face-to-face interactions and physical activity. A distinctive A-frame and 20 unique play components make it easy to customize Connect to your needs. Dynamic rope and metal components provide challenge and superior durability, while decks and slides add a more familiar element.

Climbing Squares

QuBitsAllows kids to easily assume a 3-point climbing stance to ensure balance and a safer climb. Tread on blocks helps prevents slips. It fosters imaginative play and creates social opportunities where kids can work together to establish rules, manage conflict and learn. It also provides opportunities for children and caregivers to play together and the highest point is easily reached by caregiver when assistance is needed.


PlaycubesArchimedes identified them. DaVinci drew them. Kepler truncated them. Buckminster Fuller loved them. For centuries, cuboctahedrons nestled like Easter eggs in sketchbooks, architecture and mathematical musings. Then, in the 1960s, Richard Dattner scaled, opened and offered them up as PlayCubes—a new form for open–ended play. Now they’re making a comeback, in an exclusive partnership between Richard Dattner and Playworld.
Freenotes Harmony Park

Freenotes Harmony Park

Ease of play and the interactive nature of Freenotes instruments are at the heart of their versatility. Musical knowledge or skill isn’t necessary in order to create beautiful sounds; the instruments are orchestrated to be forever pleasing to the ear; for both the players and those listening nearby.

Nuvo Playground

Form meets function in this new style of post and platform playgrounds where cutting-edge style features graceful lines, curves and premium connections.
New Adventure Series Components

 New Adventure Series Components

Rounded shapes, junction climbers, and so much more will have kids racing to jump on and explore where and how to get to the other side of the playground. These components create immense visual interest and create unique challenges and increase motor planning for children.
Triumph ClimbersTriumph
The first and only, all-steel inclusive climber available with various challenge levels. Having contiguous, multi-level activities allows children of different abilities to play together and get to know each other. This climber was designed to utilize all three levels of climbing demands as set forth in the Inclusive Play Design Guide (as noted below) to improve motor skills, coordination, strength and dexterity. This leads to a sense of achievement and greater self-esteem.

Biba Is Here!

Biba is a suite of imagination driven – FUN – games that take place on playgrounds. Biba is an app for both Apple and Android devices that aim to turn kids in the ‘avatar’ in playful scenarios where screen interaction is kept to a minimum and get kids active as much as possible. Parents always hold the […]

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