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Play Structures

Solution #1 – Post and Platform
We’re always looking for ways to enhance the play experience in the traditional post and platform playstructure. Adventure Tubes, RockBlocks, really cool climbers and fast slides let kids have tons of fun while improving fitness. And you can trust that accessibility, developmental-appropriateness and safety are part of every Playworld playstructure.

Solution #2 – Adventure Series and Activo
Loaded with innovative components that incorporate active fitness play in ground-based events.

Solution #3 – SkyTower
SkyTowers allow children to play high in the sky without compromising their safety. A top deck that towers nine feet above the play surface keeps kids active, but the joy of sliding down a big twisting slide keeps them climbing time after time and improving cardio and muscle strength without even knowing it!

Solution #4 – CityScapes
CityScapes is a revolutionary combination of strength, durability and creativity. These panels, roofs and crawl tubes are all steel construction and resist burning and other forms of vandalism. Hardware can only be removed with special tools and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

We have the options you are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a turn key installation solution or a community build using volunteers from your community along side our certified installers, Lee Recreation has you covered.


GaGa for GaGa Ball!

GaGa is easy to learn and fun for all ages! An extremely fasted paced game, players can hardly wait for their next turn back in the pit! A great way to get kids exercising while they have a blast! Check out the link below or call to learn more about GaGa pits! APS_ GaGaPit_5_Bleed

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Their installation knowledge and experience has made for very efficient “builds”, which saved us time and... Rex Mehlberg

Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, Village of Ashwaubenon, WI

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Vern Lee is not only a Co-Owner of Lee Recreation, but is also the lead installer for all of Lee Recreation community builds. (Over 50 Community Builds Annually!)

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