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Inclusive Play

The Inclusive Playground Strategy
We design and build our inclusive playgrounds with “play richness,” a philosophy that allows children of all abilities to learn through a diverse array of experiences. We believe our play environments help kids grow physically, socially and emotionally through tactile, spin and cooperative play. With Playworld, your community’s children will activate multiple parts of the brain as they develop spatial awareness and pre-reading concepts. They’ll practice balance and muscle control while relieving anxiety and building muscle tone.

The Keys to Inclusion

Playworld utilizes 8 Keys to Inclusion that make our inclusive playground designs accessible for people of all ages and abilities. All of our play environments provide multiple challenges that stimulate sensory, social and physical well being. Each fe4atures an elevated play area — something children enjoy, because of the sense of accomplishment climbing high provides. We group activities so the children can engage with each other easily and as desired, while making travel routes around and within our play environments wide and easily-passed. Protective surfaces are absorbent, strong and easily navigable via wheelchair; we group activities into pods, rooms and zones that allow for calmness as well as stimulation. Finally, the design itself always features a “coolest thing” that everyone will want to access — and we make it accessible to everyone.

Building Playgrounds, Building Communities for All
At Playworld, we are passionate about building play environments for people of every age and ability that stand the test of time. Our thoughtful designs make building communities easier. And because we are committed to protecting the Earth, we create our playgrounds using environmentally-sustainable materials right here in the United States.

GaGa for GaGa Ball!

GaGa is easy to learn and fun for all ages! An extremely fasted paced game, players can hardly wait for their next turn back in the pit! A great way to get kids exercising while they have a blast! Check out the link below or call to learn more about GaGa pits! APS_ GaGaPit_5_Bleed

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I love having Lee Recreation as my sales agents for Playworld playground systems. From a $5 part to a $50,000 play system I... Kevin Boehm

Playground Technician, City of Madison, WI

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