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Playground Surfacing


Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing
Surface America, Lee Recreation’s Poured-in-place safety surfacing supplier is an industry leader. With a variety of color options, this playground surfacing is ultimate maintence-free option out there. All of Lee Recreation’s Pour-in-place installers are factory certified, thus giving you the best possible finished product. Contact Lee Recreation, LLC for a free site visit and quote.

Playground Turf 

Playground turf is a synthetic grass that is safe for kids to play on , soft to fall on, and cost effective. It is ADA accessible, rated to fall heights of 13 feet, and IPEMA certified. Contact Lee Recreation to learn more about playground turf and for a free site visit and quote.

Engineered Wood Fiber
All of our wood fiber playground surfacing meets ASTM F1292-04, ASTM F2075-04, and ADA specifications. Contact Lee Recreation for a free site visit and quote.

Shredded Rubber
Made out of recycled tires, Shredded Rubber playground surfacing is a great alternative to traditional surfacing options (i.e. Wood Chips, Pea Gravel, Sand). It’s both less expensive than Pour-in-place and rubber mat systems and does not decompose like wood chips. Contact Lee Recreation for a free site visit and quote.

Wear Mats
These 3 foot by 3 foot mats are ideal for ends of slides and under swings in a loose fill safety surfacing location. Placed below the surfacing, these mats allow for supervisors to recognize when the surfacing is getting low, but also keeping the children safe in the mean time.

Biba Is Here!

Biba is a suite of imagination driven – FUN – games that take place on playgrounds. Biba is an app for both Apple and Android devices that aim to turn kids in the ‘avatar’ in playful scenarios where screen interaction is kept to a minimum and get kids active as much as possible. Parents always hold the […]

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Working with Lee Recreation has been a positive experience. Not only do they provide a quality product, but the communication and... Sarah Toomsen, PLA, LEED AP

Landscape Architect, Milwaukee County Parks

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Playworld is the only playground manufacturer that is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified. This certification focuses on product material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

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