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Playground Surfacing

Engineered Wood Fiber
All of our wood fiber playground surfacing meets ASTM F1292-04, ASTM F2075-04, and ADA specifications. Contact Lee Recreation for a free site visit and quote.

Shredded Rubber
Made out of recycled tires, Shredded Rubber playground surfacing is a great alternative to traditional surfacing options (i.e. Wood Chips, Pea Gravel, Sand). It’s both less expensive than Pour-in-place and rubber mat systems and does not decompose like wood chips. Contact Lee Recreation for a free site visit and quote.Wear Mats

Rubber Tiles
Lee Recreation’s rubber safety tiles inter-lock, allowing a tighter fit and added security to prevent gaps between tiles over time. Available in a variety of colors, these tiles are a great option for both small and large areas alike. Contact Lee Recreation for a free site visit and quote.

Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing
Surface America, Lee Recreation’s Poured-in-place safety surfacing supplier is an industry leader. With a variety of color options, this playground surfacing is ultimate maintence-free option out there. All of Lee Recreation’s Pour-in-place installers are factory certified, thus giving you the best possible finished product. Contact Lee Recreation, LLC for a free site visit and quote.

Wear Mats
These 3 foot by 3 foot mats are ideal for ends of slides and under swings in a loose fill safety surfacing location. Placed below the surfacing, these mats allow for supervisors to recognize when the surfacing is getting low, but also keeping the children safe in the mean time.

GaGa for GaGa Ball!

GaGa is easy to learn and fun for all ages! An extremely fasted paced game, players can hardly wait for their next turn back in the pit! A great way to get kids exercising while they have a blast! Check out the link below or call to learn more about GaGa pits! APS_ GaGaPit_5_Bleed

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Their installation knowledge and experience has made for very efficient “builds”, which saved us time and... Rex Mehlberg

Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, Village of Ashwaubenon, WI

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Vern Lee is not only a Co-Owner of Lee Recreation, but is also the lead installer for all of Lee Recreation community builds. (Over 50 Community Builds Annually!)

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