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Community Builds

What do we mean by Community Build?
Community members join forces with our supervisors to assemble & install the playground equipment purchased for your park/school!

Benefits of doing a Community-Build?
Financial Savings! Improves long-term maintenance & care of the play environment – All the hardworking individuals who made the playground project happen have ownership in the equipment and want the equipment to be stay in good condition and be safe. Community Pride! With positive Public Relations for your project!

Recruiting your Volunteers
Volunteers do not need construction skills! Detailed instructions are included for all components of the playstructure. The supervisor, Vern Lee, (who has over 13 years of experience installing playground equipment) is on-site for the entire project – he will drill all the holes – set the posts and install the decks, (with assistance by volunteers) – he will then assist the volunteers with assembling all components and attaching them to the playstructure. A walk-thru inspection will be done of the entire project prior to opening the playground for use.

Community’s responsibilities for a Playground Build

  • Site Preparation – the site should be clear and level prior to the installation. A visit to the site will be done prior to the arrival of the equipment to answer any questions or concerns regarding the site preparation.
  • Unloading of truck and Safe storage of equipment until the community build is the responsibility of the customer. The freight company will call the customer to setup a delivery date & time.
  • Digger’s Hotline needs to mark the site – Prior to the Install. Their # 800-242-8511

What does Lee Recreation, LLC supply?

  • We will supply the auger to drill all the holes.
  • We will supply Vern Lee and another experienced installer to work alongside your volunteers until the project is complete.
  • We will bring most of the tools needed for the project. Additional step ladders, shovels, post-hole diggers and electric drills and ratchets supplied by the customer will just help move the project along. All the hardware is tamper-resistant – we supply the necessary tools to tighten the hardware.

Warranties/Liability Insurance of Equipment if Community Built?
Playworld Systems warrants and insures their products the same – whether you install the equipment, we install or we do it together! The warranty/insurance is valid if the equipment is installed in conformity with the layout plan and installation instructions.

Do you have a Dog Park?

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Working with Lee Recreation has been a positive experience. Not only do they provide a quality product, but the communication and... Sarah Toomsen, PLA, LEED AP

Landscape Architect, Milwaukee County Parks

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Vern Lee is not only a Co-Owner of Lee Recreation, but is also the lead installer for all of Lee Recreation community builds. (Over 50 Community Builds Annually!)

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